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Stable Extra Fields K2

Released on:
lundi 1 décembre 2014 10:27
5644 times

Ce plugin vous permet de traduire les extra fields de k2. Accessible seulement aux utilsateurs payant de Falang

K2 Extra fields translate v4.3

406 times
File size:
8.19 Kb
Joomla 3.7Joomla 3.6Joomla 3.5Joomla 3.4Joomla 3.3Joomla 3.2Joomla 3.1Joomla 3.0

v4.2 (2017/08/28)

  • fix bug on update published on extra field.(value never changed)

v4.2 (2017/06/13)

  • fix problem in select and multiselect radio when the value of field are not 1,2,3,4.... they can be like ---,1,2
  • the value are recopied in the translation don't have to use the saved value
  • radio and multiselect from origina are show

v4.1 (2016/10/10)

  • add support for extrafield front-end translation (need change in k2)
  • +compatible with k2 v2.7.1 (remove the libraries Services_JSON)

v3.2 (2016/06/01)

  • fix bug when extra field name has a quote


  • select extrafield value are displayed and can be change in translation


  • +textarea extra field mode with editor don't use addslah


  • +fix textarea and editor extra fields (use the right editor)


  • +add date extra fields support


  • +add fix on addslash and multiple select