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Pourquoi acheter Falang ?

Voici les plus de la version payante.

Lien bas de page

La lien présent sur chaque page de votre site "traduction system by faboba" est supprimé.

direct translation

Lien directe de traduction

Il est possible d'effecture la traduction directe des contenus depuis les éléments joomla. Plus besoin de toujours passer par le composant Falang.

Plugin K2 : traduction des champs supplémentaires

Un plugin permet la traduction des champs supplémentaires sur les éléments k2 items at K2 extra fields.

Lien utf-8

Suivant vos paramêtres joomla, vous vouvez maintenant avoir des url's en utf-8

Images personnalisées

Le chemin et l'extension des images de langues peuvent être personnalisés depuis le module falang.

Plugin : Traduction manquante

Un plugin supplémentaire permet d'afficher un message personnalisé en haut de l'article si la traduction n'existe pas.

Plugin : Extra params

Certains templates ou plugins ajoutent des champs supplémentaires dans les menus ou les artilces. Ce plugin permet la traduction de ceux-ci dans Falang.

Traduction en front-end

Vous pouvez traduire les articles depuis le front-office.

4.1.0 (2022/06/27)

  • change falang table to InnoDB
  • update falang table to utf8mb4
  • fix Joomla debug/ update database override.
  • fix jshopping switch on same item
  • fix Falang update site.

4.0.7 (2022/05/30)

  • fix bug in free version on mod_falang with dropdown
  • add svg on image list (was on Falang 3)
  • add Iceland language to translate sercice
  • fix articleAnywhere problem
  • quickjump load jQuery only on administrator section
  • fix for categories custom fields display
  • fix multi filtering in Falang > translation

3.10.5 (2022/05/18)

  • add support for categories custom fields
  • fix bug in free version on mod_falang with dropdown
  • add Iceland language to translate sercice

4.0.6 (2022/03/10)

  • new update system (remove live update)
  • fix Contact translation
  • fix Tag alias translation
  • new Route override system (Content / Tag)
  • remove advanded router param's
  • remove param's contact translation(temporary)
  • add media custom field translation

4.0.5 (2022/02/08)

  • add support for categories custom fields
  • fix bug on custom field (new value on checkbox/radio was not updated)
  • fix subform custom field translation
  • fix parameter name like 'com_categories_options_fieldset_label / idem sp page builder
  • fix editor button color
  • blockChildUninstall added to Falang xml package
  • add message for system fields plugin order

3.10.4 (2022/02/14)

  • new update system (native Joomla)

3.10.3 (2022/01/27)

  • fix bug on custom field (new value on checkbox/radio was not updated)
  • fix subform custom field translation

4.0.4 (2022/01/11)

  • fix subform custom field translation
  • improve translation page
  • improve custom field translation performance
  • fix cpanel display
  • add Text use in Falang driver (error with Smart search)

4.0.3 (2021/12/02)

  • fix article category blog link translation
  • add message for finder falang content
  • add fix for creative contact form
  • fix preview button
  • preview don't display footer anymore

3.10.2 (2021/11/23)

  • add content tag plugin link to cpanel
  • disable language switcher on yootheme page edition.
  • add message for finder falang content plugin.
  • add fix for creative contact form

4.0.2 (2021/10/20)

  • fix editor display in translation page
  • fix copy button
  • disable language switcher on yootheme page edition.
  • fix plugin version display in cpanel
  • add content tag plugin link
  • fix close popup on save & cancel (article page)
  • fix custom field value display in translation page
  • fix dispatcher bug in falangdriver

4.0.1 (2021/10/05)

  • fix dropdown for mod_falang
  • add support for php 8.0
  • fix custom fields translation
  • fix cpanel display
  • fix menu translation link
  • fix quickjump popup close button

4.0.0 (2021/09/20)

  • Initial Joomla 4 release

3.10.1 (2021/09/20)

  • improve translation import
  • improve translation export
  • fix OS Property routing on properties
  • fix hreflang with parameters
  • fix update message in Falang dashboard.

3.10 (2021/08/27)

  • add support for Joomla 3.10 version
  • remove support for Joomla 3.9- version

3.4.6 (2021/03/17)

  • fix hikashop Association (for hikashop 4.4.1+)
  • fix hikashop product switch with Joomla native menu

3.4.5 (2021/01/13)

  • fix virtuemart bug

3.4.4 (2021/01/12)

  • add Google Cloud translate system
  • fix non sef url with blog list (switch on same item)
  • fix virtuemart bug (language detected to early)
  • fix language code use for bing/google/yandex/lingvanex

3.4.3 (2020/11/09)

  • fix reapeatable field translation
  • fix user front-end language selection
  • add svg to language switcher image format
  • fix double (origText) in edit translation.
  • add Lingvanex API translation support
  • fix danish code for automatic translator (bing and yandex)

3.4.2 (2020/08/24)

  • fix quickjump popup
  • add param's to contact content element
  • fix bug on article custom fields save

3.4.1 (2020/06/19)

  • fix link not set correctly menu translation

3.4.0 (2020/06/16)

  • new translation page
  • update azur translation api v2 to v3
  • fix tags alias translation. (new router)
  • fix hikashop product switcher translation with Joomla native menu
  • update of k2 plugin system for extra fields (v4.4)

3.3.0 (2020/03/24)

  • Add configurable table to export (paid version only)
  • Add quickjump for field and fieldgroup (check on update)
  • Add support for Language access level
  • Add support for DPCalendar Quickjump
  • Add message if advanced router from Joomal and Falang don't match
  • Fix bug when no texttitle translatable in a content element (Thx Danny Streichert)

3.2.0 (2019/11/21)

  • add version number for plugins on cpanel
  • add new images for language
  • remove mootools for cpanel
  • fix warning on contentelement.php (php 7.2.+)
  • fix html tag in cpanel view

3.1.0 (2019/07/11)

  • fix installation problem on Joomla > 3.9.9
  • fix bug for Portugese/Deutch bing translation (wrong iso code)
  • fix bug on mwosoby component with non sef url
  • fix for hikashop and start parameter in the url
  • remove use of mootools use only JQuery javascript. (quickjump)
  • improve quickjump
  • install script mysql remove default for blob text

3.0.2 (2018/12/05)

  • add copy custom fields params(default no)

3.0.1 (2018/10/11)

  • fix route building (jdownload and other compoent)
  • fix bug when article not translated with falang
  • fix update bug on module parameter's.
  • better support for small screen (1024)
  • fix bug for spanish bing translation (wrong iso code)
  • fix bug for Czech Yandex and Bing translation.
  • fix bug on orphan with php 7.2


  • Add: Yandex - Bing API translation support
  • Change: edit translation page.
  • Remove: legacy folder
  • Add: Package installation script


  • new routing without id in url (paid version and com_content only)
  • fix export bug (quickjump side effect)
  • add update caching option
  • 3.8+ Joomla vesion
  • 5.6+ php version (json_encode pb for custom fields)
  • update liveupdate system to last release - 10s timeout
  • update liveupdate url to https


  • fix bug translate custom fields value.
  • add support for custom fields article filtred by categories
  • add support for djcatalog2 item url translation.
  • add support for virtuemart category link (category id = 0)
  • custom field value /readonly by css
  • status of translation fixed in component view.
  • add control if system -fields plugin is not published.


  • fix too many redirect for some configuration
  • change parameter's translation display


  • fields group (content, user supported)
  • fix status on article with url/images change in falang
  • custom field value translation
  • quickump pour fields et fields group
  • fix virtuemart issue (404)
  • remove old custom_fields_value content element
  • update content element for quickjump


  • add php 7.2 compatiblity
  • fix bug on native menu association
  • fix notice if empty line in quickjump param's
  • export hidden content
  • export module supported (without param's)
  • add usergroups content element
  • fix bug on plugin cpanel
  • add plugin's version on cpanel


  • mod_falang: fix bug on non sef url.
  • mod_falang: remove !empty test for uri->getVar
  • plg_falang_driver:add pdo message if selected.(no more 500 error)
  • com_falang: add description to banner content element
  • com_falang: fix bug in easyblog and module parameters, force all param's to be decoded as array
  • mod_falang: fix notice for non com_mijoshop var (thanks rick spaan)
  • com_falang: fix ugly display on edit translation.
  • com_falang: param's display are the same on all joomla content element.
  • com_falang: add featured to quickjump.
  • install: fix mod_falang install parameters.

2.9.1 (2017/07/25)

  • Fix bug on mysql driver loading

2.9.0 (2017/07/24)

  • mod_falang: inactive flag for menu item with show menu option used
  • com_falang: (advanded menu show option)
  • mod_falang: set flag inactive for non translated item (content , k2)
  • plg_falang_driver: override the database in the constuctor (pb with system plugin)
  • com_falang: compatible for Joomla 3.2+ only
  • com_falang: remove empty param's from link (CB problem)
  • com_falang: fix widgetkit save menu item
  • plg_falang_driver: fix bug on build k2 item route if no alias is in the id
  • plg_falang_driver: fix bug on build k2 item route if no alias is in the id
  • mod_falang: fix bug on non sef url.$vars was not initialized.

2.8.4 (2017/06/19)

  • change render of modules param's
  • change render of image& link param's
  • fix itemid missing on home page (make 404)
  • fix cache problem
  • fix copy image & link
  • remove php notice


  • add content element for custom field (Joomla 3.7)
  • add custom fields in falang edit mode(readonly only)(Joomla 3.7)
  • remove warning message (Joomla 3.7)
  • remove hreflang for inactive language menu item
  • metakey resizable comme metadesc (text area) article/menu
  • fix status translation due to images&links system
  • add store orginal text for param's type too
  • fix bug on cache (thanks nicolas from hikashop)
  • change footer

2.8.2 (2017/03/01)

  • add copy images & link for article (paid version)
  • add filter by module type
  • fix joomsef problem on hreflang with no filter language published.
  • fix bug if only component is uninstalled and not the whole package

2.8.1 (2017/01/30)

  • fix html content save on some editor with code view (jce need at least 2.6.8Beta 3)
  • add x-default and hreflang based on configuration of language filter plugin
  • remove quickjump on item edition with a specific language
  • add lock icon in falang translation list (before the checkbox was not displayed)
  • add icon to content element management on falang cpanel

2.8.0 (2016-12-06)

  • add update server required by JED in January 2017
  • add variant to package to support watchful
  • add plugin smart search in cpanel list

2.7.0 (2016-09-26)

  • new set language filter order automatically (need for joomla 3.6.2)
  • fix remove notice if menu item set to a speicific language and quickjump (notice on develloper error log)
  • new remove the quckjump if item to a specific language
  • fix error in JFContentModelItem.php
  • fix Falang Driver bug on build route and item not published in falang
  • fix mijoshop problem in mod_falang (Fonny Smets)
  • fix mod_falang if path not published
  • fix debug query log (Oleg)

2.6.0 (2016-06-13)

  • add export/import to xml format (close to xliff)
  • new cpanel design
  • add control on cpanel to major configurations problem
  • add in menu content element filter on all languages
  • add in article content element filter on all languages
  • add in categories content element filter on all languages
  • fix for Joomla 3.5 and k2 quickjump
  • add hotspots compatiblitys on category (extra param's plugin) change in falang with trigger onBeforeTranslationBind
  • fix eshop (don't load eshopHelperAssociation class in mod_falang)
  • remove all php closing tag of php file

2.5.0 (2016-03-30)

  • Compatible with php7
  • Joomla 3.5 compatible
  • Change for hreflang update
  • add support for sh404
  • add Toggle button in translation view (thanks to Hrvoje)
  • fix archive notice (id is not set)
  • fix mod_falang link when menu item is set to specific language
  • fix helix3 Article Extra tab
  • fix virtuemart parameters on language switcher link
  • fix bug on hikashop for menu parameter when you edit it.(thanks to James Wadsworth)

2.2.2 (2016-02-15)

  • Add images and urls tab in article translation.
  • Language switcher on front-end edition are no more possible.
  • Select template by language.
  • Change onAfterInitialise of FalangDatabase driver to be compatible with MightySites extension
  • fix k2 download attachment link error.
  • support of language domain from www.yireo.com
  • fix notice in checkupdate ajax call
  • fix bug on alterante hreflang non sef url
  • advanced dropdown with image and name white-space :no-wrap


  • Joomla > 3.4.0 version only
  • mod_falang : dropdown with image
  • fix k2 category item url translation.
  • fix quickjump default view (language button not displaid)
  • ix hikashop url translation in mod_falang and hreflang
  • fix content category url translation
  • fix language file duplicate
  • fix canonical
  • remove notice on plugins/system/falangdriver/falang_database.php


  • fix hreflang
  • fix category blog sef problem
  • widgetkit support for module translation.
  • mod_falang support component association.
  • fix quickjump position near status,title (joomla 3 only)
  • yeeditor support for copy
  • falang missing plugin updated (you can set a langugage string to be translated by override)
  • add pre and post falang module text translation
  • fix editor button in falang view
  • fix tipo error in language file.
  • fix falang content search (version 1.2)
  • quickjump enhancement (support more table for a component)
  • remove weblinks content element for joomla > 3.4.3
  • add tags content element (joomla 3)


  • Joomla 3.4.3 => fix language switching in non sef mode.
  • Joomla 3.4.3 => fix language login redirection problem (specific case)
  • Add Limit on translation list Joomla 3
  • Remove update server
  • Add quickjump edit on list. Joomla 3.4 only
  • Fix problem on uninstall only Falang component and not all package.
  • Change quickjump format
  • fix bug on html entities edition
  • add arkeditor support for copy button
  • add ckeditor support for copy button
  • fix clipboard not supported alert.
  • change hreflang for x-default and href for non sef url
  • administrator language file change
  • preview button add icon
  • fix preview
  • fix languague string in administrator file (administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_falang.ini)
  • remove ROOT category from list of category


  • quickjump translation
  • utf-8 support 
  • add params tanslation on categories 
  • add submenu translate
  • add notes to menu.xml content element (version 1.1)
  • add alternate metatag (https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/189077?hl=en
  • JFDefaultMenusModelItem -> fix getItem warning (php 5.5)
  • ContentElementTablefield fix warning message (php 5.5)
  • JFConentModelItem -> fix warning (php 5.5)
  • module published to all page on installation
  • plugin published during installation
  • components/com_falang/helpers/falang.class.php contentElementFields method is static use for missing translation error message.
  • administrator\components\com_falang\models\* and components\com_falang\helpers\defines.php Remove php closing tag


  • fix joomla 3.4.0 menu


  • fix joomla 3.4.0 menu


  • fix 5.4 php warning message on publish item in the list
  • fix front-end bug
  • add frontedit param's in content element file


  • fix front-end message on successfull save.

1.4.3(not released)

  • fix order number problem in hikashop and front-end edition.
  • set different message for free and paid version for front-end edition.


  • fix joomla 3.3.4 problem
  • fix hikashop and front-end edition system.
  • front-end translation set to no by default (paid version)


  • add frontend edition (paid version)
  • mod_falang set in dropdown post w3c rules
  • add ID of joomla item in the translate view
  • fix bug in mod_falang when no menu is active
  • mod_falang language file fix for encoding and comment
  • mod_falang fix for menu association
  • fix strict standard display in cpanel.php (controller)
  • fix strict standard display in help.php (controller)
  • fix strict standard on orphan_list.php
  • fix strict standard on views/default/view.php
  • fix strict standard on views/help/view.php
  • fix strict standard on views/translate/tmpl/edit.php
  • remove params "overwriteGlobalConfig" not used 1.4.0
  • add joomla 3.3 compatibility
  • add custom path and file type for flag in Falang language switcher + fix integration between native multilanguage and falang mix
  • fix mijosef compatiblity
  • fix acesef compatiblity
  • add debug params to display translated item.
  • compatible with php 5.4 (remove strict message)
  • add flag (srp-ME) + fix quote in title (text) translation
  • k2 extra field field translation (paid version)
  • add rtl support in language switcher module


  • change 'content' is now 'article' in backend in the dropdown
  • add more flags for module falang (same as Joomla 3.2)
  • add copy button for menu link type (use to change menu type)
  • default language (set this on falang and not in joomla > basic)
  • fix translation typo error on backend + cpanel message change
  • add downloadid system to allow direct update from joomla
  • fix bug on translation on some module with validation. (ex ja_slideshow)
  • add previous unused method for mijosef compatibily.
  • k2 extra field (for commercial version)
  • k2 update - content element (for extra field translation)
  • remove root menu in the menu translation view


  • fix to work on joomla 3.1.4 (http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/joomla/tracker/?action=TrackerItemEdit&tracker_item_id=31565)
  • add params to content(article)
  • with auto for readonly inputbox (joomla 3.x)


  • add url translation
  • add new image type in content element definition
  • add medadesc translation to categories content elemnet
  • add medadesc translation to contact_details content elemnet
  • remove notice for static call
  • remove JFalangDatabase::getInstance Method (no more use)
  • add class on loadObjectList of (Daniel Lorenzo)
  • remove copy button from readonlytext
  • fix bug on save translation content empty 1.2.0
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.0
  • fix bug in category filter details
  • fix compatibily with mysql 5.5 (engine) 1.1.7 (2012/10/24)
  • add contact details management in translation with category filter.
  • add weblinks management in translation
  • add last version in cpanel
  • add support for update notification.
  • copyright message only for html
  • fix render of module params to work with javascript 1.1.6 (2012/06/26)
  • Joomla 2.2.6 and 2.2.5 compatibility
  • plugin add text to .ini file
  • com_falang add method $this->escape in TranslationFilter 1.1.5 (2012/06/18)
  • Joomla 2.2.5 compatibility
  • modf_falang bug fix on url like (index.php/component/content/article?id=39)


  • add image languages in module
  • change backlink to faboba (JED Terms of Service)
  • remove license key system (JED Terms of Service)

1.1.3 (2012/04/27)

  • fix a notice in mod_falang


  • fix cache problem on mod_falang
  • fix on language switch
  • add translation of module parameter
  • add simple acl + plugin
  • add override method loadColumn
  • free version : link open in a new page
  • cpanel minor change + php 5.3 remove some warning 1.1.1
  • fix problem on overide loadAssocList


  • update key on installation without uninstall
  • compatible joomla 2.5
  • save translation keep on the translation page in backend
  • new icons (Thanks to Andy Bryan from virtual-showroom.com)
  • change override driver structure
  • override all fetch method on driver
  • add params menu translation
  • correct problem on content elemnent zip installer
  • remove content element tar installer
  • add new traduction
  • change link on free version (crash ajax)


  • stable release with new numerotation.
  • 3 verstion (free, basic, standard)
  • js load in admin translate page corrected.
  • mod_falang use a specific stylesheet in module and flag (fix inline flag display)
  • mod_falang fix link to current page.
  • fix installation of content element
  • fix plugin import name in mysqlx and mysqix
  • fix missing traduction in content element install


  • add mysql driver compatibility
  • add JCK editor patch 1.7.0b3
  • mysqlix driver bug on install other components(name mysqli)
  • extension menu list without root menu and order list
  • extension category , category filter list corrected  

Un numéro de downloadId est nécéssaire pour la mise a jour des composant faboba.com

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La dernière version de Falang est la : 4.1.0 sortie le 27 juin 2022. Compatible avec Joomla 4.0/4.1

La dernière version de Falang est la : 3.10.5 sortie le 18 mai 2022. Compatible avec Joomla 3.10 et 3.9

Nouveau 3.0.0: Vous pouvez vous aider de Bing et Yandex pour les traductions

  • Price
  • Support
  • Support period
  • Update
  • Bottom link

    Remove front-bottom link
  • Front-end edition

    Article and k2 item
  • Image path

    Choose your flag image path
  • K2 extra fields

    Translate extra fields
  • Extra param's

    Translate some templates extra params
  • Missing translation

    display extra info
  • Content Tag

    translate title and content when using a menu item tags

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my membership expires?

You can continue using our extensions but you will not be able to download new releases or old release.

How to upgrade from free to paid version?

Just install the paid version over the free,The backlink will disaper. You keep all your translations and parameters.

Open Source

It is 100% open-source, licensed under GNU/GPL. No part of the code is encrypted.You can use our product forever

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We are so confident in our work that every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. To request a refund please contact us.


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Comment installer une nouvelle version.

Depuis la version 1.1.1 pour installer une nouvelle version, vous n'avez plus besoins de désinstaller la version précédente.

La clef de version est mise à jour durant l'installation

Fatal error: Allowed memory size ....

Cette erreur apparait chez o2swith principalement avec une version de php > 7, vous devez changer les module mysql chargés il ne doit pas il y avoir mysqli mais nd_mysqli

Disparition des icones quickjump

Cela peut venir d'un problème d'enregistrement en base des paramètres, ils vous suffit dans ce cas d'ouvrir les options Falang et de refaire un "sauver"

Falang Database driver not enabled

Vous n'avez pas publié le plugin system falang. Extensions > Gestion des plug-ins > System - Falang Database Driver

Infinite loop detected in JError

Si votre site affiche ce message c'est que vous avez sélectionnez le driver mysqli avec un hébergement ne supportant pas cette configuration. Vous devez donc changer votre fichier de configuration joomla configuration.php et remplacer la ligne :
public $dbtype = 'mysqlix'
public $dbtype = 'mysql'

Problème de traduction des menus

Depuis Joomla 3.6.1 , le plugin system language filter doit avoir une priorité plus haute que le plugin falang database driver. Depuis la version 2.7.0 l'ordre des plugins se fait de manière automatic a l'installation.

Invalid Parent Id

Depuis Joomla 3.7.3 , ce problème arrive lors de lors la traduction en front-end. C'est du a une modification d'une requête , select (1) From .... Cela pose problème avec Falang lié a un bug de php-mysql avec php < 7. Vous devez mettre a jour php.
Une demande de modication de Joomla est en cours (https://github.com/joomla/joomla-cms/pull/17003/)

 Depuis la 3.8.0 de Joomla le fichier a changer est ici: libraries/src/Table/Asset.php ligne 111


Fatal error: Class 'JFormFieldList' not found in .....
Ce problème provient d'un problème dans aicontactsafe vous devez modifier le fichier suivant : components/com_aicontactsafe/include/elemements/aicontactsafeprofile.php

Entre la Ligne 15 et 16 vous devez ajouter une ligne comme ci-dessous :

if(substr($joomla,0,3) >= '1.6') {
    class JFormFieldAiContactSafeProfile extends JFormFieldList {

L'équipe d'aicontactsafe est au courant et devrait modifier leur composant.


joomla 3.40joomla 3.10joomla 39joomla 25

FaLang est un composant d'aide a la traduction des éléments joomla. Celui-ci est fait principalement pour traduire à l’identique un site en plusieurs langues. Falang est complètement intégré avec le system natif de Joomla et l'ensemble peut être mixé.

Sa gestion est beaucoup plus simple que le nouveau système de langue de Joomla 4.0, 3.10, 3.9 et 2.5

L’idée est de traduire dans un composant dédié éléments par élément, langue par langue. avec un affichage de l'état des traduction


content element en

Les plus grand composant supportés

Falang est extensible avec des "contents element" , cela permet de traduire les autres composants joomla facilement. voir la liste des contents element

direct translation home en

Traduction directe depuis joomla

Falang depuis la 2.0 permet pour les version payante d'accèder directement au traduction de l'ensemble des composant natifs.

FaLang est basé sur la dernière version stable de Joomfish 2.1.7, Celle-ci à été adaptée aux spécificités de Joomla 3.4 et 2.5

Article sur la Désinstallation