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How to translate a WooCommerce payment methods

This tutorial will guide you on how to translate payment method with Falang for Wordpress.

The first exemple is with Bank Transfert it's work in the same way for other payment method

1- Direct bank transfert

 In the Direct bank transfert payment method , the title and description need to be translated. 

 Look in the url of your site when you edit the Bank transfert, the section is "bacs"

 The translation are done in the Translate Options of Falang component (version 1.3.28)

 A filter on _bacs_ will display the option for this payment method,  we can edit the french translation for bank transfert

 In the popup page the woocommerce_bacs_settings can be edited, the title and description can now be translated and saved.

2- List of payment methods

 Here is the list of the option key for the other payment method

Bank transfert


Check payment


Cash on delivery


Paypal standard