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How to use translation services


Falang > Settings

Setting Page > General Settings

  1. First check on the box "Enable Translation Service"
  2. Select the service name you want from "Service name"
  3. Insert the API of the Service you selected

Possible Service Get your API

1) Google API key


2) Microsoft Azure API Key

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal
  2. List the search services for your subscription
  3. Select the service and on the Overview page, click Settings > Keys to view admin and query keys
  4. Find the documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/search/search-security-api-keys
  5. When you generaate the translation make sure you put "global" as location/region

Insert to Falang one of the key

3) Yandex API key

  1. Sign in to the Yandex cloud portall
  2. Find the documentation https://cloud.yandex.com/en/docs/overview/api
  3. Insert to Falang the API Keu

 4) Lingvanex API Key

  1. Sign in to the Lingvanex portal
  2. Selection Cloud API/Translation API
  3. https://lingvanex.com/translationapi/