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How to translate article Integration For SP Page Builder

This article will explain how to translate integrate article, this is tested with sp page builder version 3.6.4 pro

Since SP PageBuilder 3.7.11 this change are no more necessary

translate article integration with sp page builder

The translation don't work by default with article you have to modify a file in sp page builder.

The file is components/com_sppagebuilder/views/form/tmpl/edit.php 

You have to change the file like this, only line 5 and 30 need to be added

$addons_list = SpAddonsConfig::$addons;
$globalDefault = SpPgaeBuilderBase::getSettingsDefaultValue($global_attributes);

//fin sbou

foreach ($addons_list as &$addon) {
   $new_default_value = SpPgaeBuilderBase::getSettingsDefaultValue($addon['attr']);
   $default_value = array(
      'default' => array_merge($new_default_value['default'], $globalDefault['default'])
   $addon['default'] = $default_value['default'];
   // if(isset($default_value['attr'])){
   //     $addon['attr'] = $default_value['attr'];
   // }
   $addon['visibility'] = true;

   if(!isset($addon['category']) || empty($addon['category'])){
      $addon['category'] = 'General';

   $addon_name = preg_replace('/^sp_/i', '', $addon['addon_name']);
   $class_name = 'SppagebuilderAddon' . ucfirst($addon_name);
   if(method_exists($class_name, 'getTemplate')){
      $addon['js_template'] = true;

   Joomla\CMS\Factory::getApplication()->triggerEvent('onBeforeAddonConfigure', array($addon_name, &$addon));
   //fin sbou

After this change the languages tab is available on all supportd addon's (see Text Block) Below.

Translate sp page builder article integration 2