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Faboba is an agency specialized in development

Faboba has specialised in the development of web based applications including websites, mobile and intranet, and has been working with technology for over 15 years.

Faboba creates solutions in accordance with web standards. We are always looking for simplicity, performance and above all progressive possibilities which are based on free software.

We conceive the design of the site; take charge of the development,optimisation, search engine ranking and maintaining for creating content management systems (CMS), Ecommerce shops, static or dynamic sites.  Please see Projects for examples of our recent work.

We also develop components specifically for the Joomla! Content Management System (please see Components for our popular extensions, including FaLang, FaNews, Registration Routing and others see projects).

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Stéphane Bouey
mail :
Tel : ( de 14 h à 20 h)
Fax :
Siret : 524 595816 00017



Falang is a translation system for Joomla 2.5, 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2, based on JoomFish 2.1.7.

The advantage of Falang over the default Joomla 1.6+ translation system it that it gives to the user the possibility of translating the same content without having to duplicate the menu items and articles for each language. It is, however, possible to use both systems at the same time.
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Fish2Falang is a component used to migrate joomfish translation in Falang compoment.  This is the best way to migrate joomfish data.


Amamplace for joomla is the #1 solution to export products on Amazon, import and manage orders from the marketplace.
You can easily integrate your joomla store product to the world’s top marketplace and significantly increase your sales.

Ultimate Property Listing(UPL)

Ultimate Property Listing (RPL) is a feature-rich, robust, scalable and exible property listing web application that allows you to build websites ranging from huge Real Estate Portals to single agent websites, depending to your needs

Ultimate user

Ultimate User is the best registration component for Joomla. This component use the default joomla user registration parameters and add other. You can try it and unpublish the component all will work in the same way. You can manage in a simple way all mail send by the system during registration.


Fanews is available in two versions - for 1.5 native and 2.5/1.6/1.7 native.

This component allows you to display news stories separately from content articles. 

The joomla 2.5(1.6/1.7) version use the new multilingual system whereas the joomla 1.5 is compatible with joomfish


Orders Details (Allows to see directly all the products ordered in a define period.)

Site statique simple (type institutionnel) à partir de 700 Euros

  • Achat du nom de domaine
  • Design personnalisé
  • Forfait 5 pages
  • Hébergement 1 an
  • Optimisation du référencemenent naturel
  • Mise en place d'outils de suivi

Site dynamique (type CMS) à partir de 1500 Euros

  • Achat du nom de domaine
  • Design personalisé
  • Forfait 10 pages
  • Mise en place d'un outil d'administration
  • Hébergement 1 an
  • Optimisation du référencemnet naturel
  • Mise en place d'outils de suivi


  • Commerce en ligne (à partir de 900 euros)
  • Référencement avancé
  • Maintenance

Création de module Joomla

  • Tarif en fonction du cahier des charges

Web sites’ design and construction

  • Static site (html, css, javascript)
  • Dynamic site (php,java,mysql,xml,css)
  • CMS setting up (Joomla v1.5.x, v1.7)
  • E-commerce web sites´ setting up (Prestashop, Virtuemart)

Creation of joomla component

  • Design and development based on your project specifications


  • Content analysis
  • Content optimization
  • Creating follow up tools and reports for ongoing monitoring
  • Addition to main search engines

Web sites optimisation

  • Performance analysis
  • Optimisation setting up
    Apache, mysql, image , javascript , css, sql, ...