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How to install a new version

Since FaLang 1.1.1 you don't have to remove previous version before installation. You just make an installation over the previous version.

The key is automatically updated.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size ....

This error occur sometimes on the french hoster o2swith with a php version > 7, you need to change the mysqli module driver load with php and use nd_mysqli and not mysqli

Quickjump icon disapear

This can be a problem due to Falang not well saved in the database. Jusp open the Falang options and save it another time.

Menu are not translated

Since Joomla 3.6.1 you need to have the core system language filter plugin to have an higher priority with the Falang database driver. Since the 2.7.0 of Falang the order is done automatically.

Invalid Parent id

Since Joomla 3.7.3 a query in the assets file is no more valid with Falang , Select (1) From , this is due to a bug in php-mysql. You have to upgrade your php version to 7.+. A pull request is done to solve this problem on Joomla directly see here ( The fix in the request work perfectly.

Since Joomla 3.8.0 the line 111 to change is in this file libraries/src/Table/Asset.php

Infinite loop detected in JError

The mysqi ou mysli (Falang) is activated but your host don't support mysli connection.
You have to change manually this in configuration.php
You have to change the line 
public $dbtype = 'mysqlix' 
public $dbtype = 'mysql';