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5.10 (2024/07/11)

  • display original custom fields value on the translation page (Text,checkbox,radio)

5.9 (2024/06/17)

  • fix routing bug with articles with same alias (in 2 categories) thanks to Filip Jovic
  • improve quickjump update the published status on list and form
  • fix quickjump diplay on not published content language
  • change in cpanel Smart Search Content to Falang Content
  • fix quickjump with vertical menu module

5.8 (2024/04/25)

  • fix Quickjump bug on Joomla 5.1
  • fix DeepL Norvegian language code

5.7 (2024/04/23)

  • add paid DeepL support
  • fix display in dark mode
  • Compatible Joomla 5.1

5.6 (2024/03/12)

  • add DeepL translation service
  • fix tinyMCE clipboard not supported message on copy translation or service translation for content
  • change hikahosp language switch and hreflang (remove parameters)
  • fix Joomla 5 bug in translation service

5.5 (2024/03/04)

  • add jcemedia custom fields support
  • fix K2forJ4 switch

5.4 (2024/01/30)

  • fix menu item switch when the child menu is not translated
  • fix locking table in front-end (backupmonkey - tn21)
  • fix custom fields on categories edition
  • fix showtime in article translation (same as original)

5.3 (2024/01/17)

  • fix import/export
  • Improve performance (Content Element cache)
  • fix bug on custom fields (backend)
  • fix bug on hikahsop (content element not stored in DB)

5.2 (2023/11/23)

  • Fix mysqli alrady close error
  • Fix mod_falang default value on install
  • order plugin during install

5.1 (2023/11/20)

  • fix mod falang bug (JURI)
  • fix virtumart support

5.0 (2023/11/15)

  • Joomla 4.3/4.4/5.0 compatible 
  • improve reodrder plugin and set debug plugin after FalangDatabase Driver
  • remove deprecated on filter
  • remove deprecated on alias null (now empty)
  • improve falang display with menu still visible on sidebar
  • fix cancel button to go back to the list
  • remove old standard search and k2 extra plugin
  • rename language file
  • fix uninstall error displayed

4.14 (2023/10/10)

  • add 4sef support

4.13 (2023/06/15)

  • fix routing problem on (forget username/password link)
  • change mod_falang default position to sidebar-right
  • remove fix for 3.4.3 on mod_falang with sef disabled

4.12 (2023/06/02)

  • modify falang_content table original text allow null (customfields fix)
  • remove PAID commentary in mod_falang
  • fix CW Attachement support for custom fields display
  • fix JA Content Type support for custom fields display
  • fix custom fields saving (original text not set)
  • fix switch bug on category article

3.10.7 (2023/04/04)

  • fix Joomla 4 update process without disabling Falang
  • add dlid param's in package (paid version)
  • add message to set downloadid
  • fix mod_falang inline display language flags

4.11 (2023/03/30)

  • add Event onBeforeFieldTranslation (skip fulltext translation for Yootheme)
  • fix bug on subform translation.
  • add message on backend if PDO driver is selected.
  • add categories use default param's system

4.10 (2023/03/14)

  • Improve Event Booking support

4.9 (2023/02/16)

  • new params translation can be skipped on module and menu
  • new Joomal 4 filtering display
  • fix warning on php 8.1 htmlspecialchars
  • add name filter for banners
  • fix toast message
  • add order by id on hikahsop elements
  • fix bug when the content element don't use id for primary key
  • EventBooking don't load associationHelper

4.8 (2023/01/03)

  • fix display param's on translations page
  • fix import error

4.7 (2022/12/06)

  • add support for module front-end edition
  • fix category blog route for non translated items.
  • fix falang option problem
  • fix jquery quickjump bug.
  • remove sh404 support (joomla 3 only)
  • fix php 8.1 deprecated
  • rollback to hreflang sef (not language code)

4.6 (2022/11/08)

  • install script default is free to be sure to have a default
  • hreflang small change
  • fix bug when 2 advanced dropdown are in the site

3.10.6 (2022/10/21)

  • fix update site for falang and differents licence
  • improve jshopping support switch on same item
  • fix php 8 deprecated order parameters change translateListWithIDs
  • fix php 8 deprecated order parameters change on trigger onBeforeTranslation and onAfterTranslation

4.5 (2022/10/06)

  • add new parameter to order automatically the system plugin to work fine with Falang (can be disabled)
  • fix for admintools (need be in first position, fix menu translation)
  • fix deprecated order parameter change on trigger onBeforeTranslation and onAfterTranslation
  • fix bug in routing when catid is an array

4.4 (2022/08/31)

  • fix content translation on Joomla 4.2.1+
  • fix php 8.1 notice

4.3 (2022/08/29)

  • fix menu translation on Joomla 4.2+

4.2 (2022/07/26)

  • remove jQuery from front-end (mod_falang)
  • add ordering on translation page
  • fix message/error for pdo driver (depends of template)

4.1.0 (2022/06/27)

  • change falang table to InnoDB
  • update falang table to utf8mb4
  • fix Joomla debug/ update database override.
  • fix jshopping switch on same item
  • fix Falang update site.

4.0.7 (2022/05/30)

  • fix bug in free version on mod_falang with dropdown
  • add svg on image list (was on Falang 3)
  • add Iceland language to translate sercice
  • fix articleAnywhere problem
  • quickjump load jQuery only on administrator section
  • fix for categories custom fields display
  • fix multi filtering in Falang > translation

3.10.5 (2022/05/18)

  • add support for categories custom fields
  • fix bug in free version on mod_falang with dropdown
  • add Iceland language to translate sercice

4.0.6 (2022/03/10)

  • new update system (remove live update)
  • fix Contact translation
  • fix Tag alias translation
  • new Route override system (Content / Tag)
  • remove advanded router param's
  • remove param's contact translation(temporary)
  • add media custom field translation

4.0.5 (2022/02/08)

  • add support for categories custom fields
  • fix bug on custom field (new value on checkbox/radio was not updated)
  • fix subform custom field translation
  • fix parameter name like 'com_categories_options_fieldset_label / idem sp page builder
  • fix editor button color
  • blockChildUninstall added to Falang xml package
  • add message for system fields plugin order

3.10.4 (2022/02/14)

  • new update system (native Joomla)

3.10.3 (2022/01/27)

  • fix bug on custom field (new value on checkbox/radio was not updated)
  • fix subform custom field translation

4.0.4 (2022/01/11)

  • fix subform custom field translation
  • improve translation page
  • improve custom field translation performance
  • fix cpanel display
  • add Text use in Falang driver (error with Smart search)

4.0.3 (2021/12/02)

  • fix article category blog link translation
  • add message for finder falang content
  • add fix for creative contact form
  • fix preview button
  • preview don't display footer anymore

3.10.2 (2021/11/23)

  • add content tag plugin link to cpanel
  • disable language switcher on yootheme page edition.
  • add message for finder falang content plugin.
  • add fix for creative contact form

4.0.2 (2021/10/20)

  • fix editor display in translation page
  • fix copy button
  • disable language switcher on yootheme page edition.
  • fix plugin version display in cpanel
  • add content tag plugin link
  • fix close popup on save & cancel (article page)
  • fix custom field value display in translation page
  • fix dispatcher bug in falangdriver

4.0.1 (2021/10/05)

  • fix dropdown for mod_falang
  • add support for php 8.0
  • fix custom fields translation
  • fix cpanel display
  • fix menu translation link
  • fix quickjump popup close button

4.0.0 (2021/09/20)

  • Initial Joomla 4 release

3.10.1 (2021/09/20)

  • improve translation import
  • improve translation export
  • fix OS Property routing on properties
  • fix hreflang with parameters
  • fix update message in Falang dashboard.

3.10 (2021/08/27)

  • add support for Joomla 3.10 version
  • remove support for Joomla 3.9- version

3.4.6 (2021/03/17)

  • fix hikashop Association (for hikashop 4.4.1+)
  • fix hikashop product switch with Joomla native menu

3.4.5 (2021/01/13)

  • fix virtuemart bug

3.4.4 (2021/01/12)

  • add Google Cloud translate system
  • fix non sef url with blog list (switch on same item)
  • fix virtuemart bug (language detected to early)
  • fix language code use for bing/google/yandex/lingvanex

3.4.3 (2020/11/09)

  • fix reapeatable field translation
  • fix user front-end language selection
  • add svg to language switcher image format
  • fix double (origText) in edit translation.
  • add Lingvanex API translation support
  • fix danish code for automatic translator (bing and yandex)

3.4.2 (2020/08/24)

  • fix quickjump popup
  • add param's to contact content element
  • fix bug on article custom fields save

3.4.1 (2020/06/19)

  • fix link not set correctly menu translation

3.4.0 (2020/06/16)

  • new translation page
  • update azur translation api v2 to v3
  • fix tags alias translation. (new router)
  • fix hikashop product switcher translation with Joomla native menu
  • update of k2 plugin system for extra fields (v4.4)

3.3.0 (2020/03/24)

  • Add configurable table to export (paid version only)
  • Add quickjump for field and fieldgroup (check on update)
  • Add support for Language access level
  • Add support for DPCalendar Quickjump
  • Add message if advanced router from Joomal and Falang don't match
  • Fix bug when no texttitle translatable in a content element (Thx Danny Streichert)

3.2.0 (2019/11/21)

  • add version number for plugins on cpanel
  • add new images for language
  • remove mootools for cpanel
  • fix warning on contentelement.php (php 7.2.+)
  • fix html tag in cpanel view

3.1.0 (2019/07/11)

  • fix installation problem on Joomla > 3.9.9
  • fix bug for Portugese/Deutch bing translation (wrong iso code)
  • fix bug on mwosoby component with non sef url
  • fix for hikashop and start parameter in the url
  • remove use of mootools use only JQuery javascript. (quickjump)
  • improve quickjump
  • install script mysql remove default for blob text

3.0.2 (2018/12/05)

  • add copy custom fields params(default no)

3.0.1 (2018/10/11)

  • fix route building (jdownload and other compoent)
  • fix bug when article not translated with falang
  • fix update bug on module parameter's.
  • better support for small screen (1024)
  • fix bug for spanish bing translation (wrong iso code)
  • fix bug for Czech Yandex and Bing translation.
  • fix bug on orphan with php 7.2


  • Add: Yandex - Bing API translation support
  • Change: edit translation page.
  • Remove: legacy folder
  • Add: Package installation script


  • new routing without id in url (paid version and com_content only)
  • fix export bug (quickjump side effect)
  • add update caching option
  • 3.8+ Joomla vesion
  • 5.6+ php version (json_encode pb for custom fields)
  • update liveupdate system to last release - 10s timeout
  • update liveupdate url to https


  • fix bug translate custom fields value.
  • add support for custom fields article filtred by categories
  • add support for djcatalog2 item url translation.
  • add support for virtuemart category link (category id = 0)
  • custom field value /readonly by css
  • status of translation fixed in component view.
  • add control if system -fields plugin is not published.


  • fix too many redirect for some configuration
  • change parameter's translation display


  • fields group (content, user supported)
  • fix status on article with url/images change in falang
  • custom field value translation
  • quickump pour fields et fields group
  • fix virtuemart issue (404)
  • remove old custom_fields_value content element
  • update content element for quickjump


  • add php 7.2 compatiblity
  • fix bug on native menu association
  • fix notice if empty line in quickjump param's
  • export hidden content
  • export module supported (without param's)
  • add usergroups content element
  • fix bug on plugin cpanel
  • add plugin's version on cpanel


  • mod_falang: fix bug on non sef url.
  • mod_falang: remove !empty test for uri->getVar
  • plg_falang_driver:add pdo message if selected.(no more 500 error)
  • com_falang: add description to banner content element
  • com_falang: fix bug in easyblog and module parameters, force all param's to be decoded as array
  • mod_falang: fix notice for non com_mijoshop var (thanks rick spaan)
  • com_falang: fix ugly display on edit translation.
  • com_falang: param's display are the same on all joomla content element.
  • com_falang: add featured to quickjump.
  • install: fix mod_falang install parameters.

2.9.1 (2017/07/25)

  • Fix bug on mysql driver loading

2.9.0 (2017/07/24)

  • mod_falang: inactive flag for menu item with show menu option used
  • com_falang: (advanded menu show option)
  • mod_falang: set flag inactive for non translated item (content , k2)
  • plg_falang_driver: override the database in the constuctor (pb with system plugin)
  • com_falang: compatible for Joomla 3.2+ only
  • com_falang: remove empty param's from link (CB problem)
  • com_falang: fix widgetkit save menu item
  • plg_falang_driver: fix bug on build k2 item route if no alias is in the id
  • plg_falang_driver: fix bug on build k2 item route if no alias is in the id
  • mod_falang: fix bug on non sef url.$vars was not initialized.

2.8.4 (2017/06/19)

  • change render of modules param's
  • change render of image& link param's
  • fix itemid missing on home page (make 404)
  • fix cache problem
  • fix copy image & link
  • remove php notice


  • add content element for custom field (Joomla 3.7)
  • add custom fields in falang edit mode(readonly only)(Joomla 3.7)
  • remove warning message (Joomla 3.7)
  • remove hreflang for inactive language menu item
  • metakey resizable comme metadesc (text area) article/menu
  • fix status translation due to images&links system
  • add store orginal text for param's type too
  • fix bug on cache (thanks nicolas from hikashop)
  • change footer

2.8.2 (2017/03/01)

  • add copy images & link for article (paid version)
  • add filter by module type
  • fix joomsef problem on hreflang with no filter language published.
  • fix bug if only component is uninstalled and not the whole package

2.8.1 (2017/01/30)

  • fix html content save on some editor with code view (jce need at least 2.6.8Beta 3)
  • add x-default and hreflang based on configuration of language filter plugin
  • remove quickjump on item edition with a specific language
  • add lock icon in falang translation list (before the checkbox was not displayed)
  • add icon to content element management on falang cpanel

2.8.0 (2016-12-06)

  • add update server required by JED in January 2017
  • add variant to package to support watchful
  • add plugin smart search in cpanel list

2.7.0 (2016-09-26)

  • new set language filter order automatically (need for joomla 3.6.2)
  • fix remove notice if menu item set to a speicific language and quickjump (notice on develloper error log)
  • new remove the quckjump if item to a specific language
  • fix error in JFContentModelItem.php
  • fix Falang Driver bug on build route and item not published in falang
  • fix mijoshop problem in mod_falang (Fonny Smets)
  • fix mod_falang if path not published
  • fix debug query log (Oleg)

2.6.0 (2016-06-13)

  • add export/import to xml format (close to xliff)
  • new cpanel design
  • add control on cpanel to major configurations problem
  • add in menu content element filter on all languages
  • add in article content element filter on all languages
  • add in categories content element filter on all languages
  • fix for Joomla 3.5 and k2 quickjump
  • add hotspots compatiblitys on category (extra param's plugin) change in falang with trigger onBeforeTranslationBind
  • fix eshop (don't load eshopHelperAssociation class in mod_falang)
  • remove all php closing tag of php file

2.5.0 (2016-03-30)

  • Compatible with php7
  • Joomla 3.5 compatible
  • Change for hreflang update
  • add support for sh404
  • add Toggle button in translation view (thanks to Hrvoje)
  • fix archive notice (id is not set)
  • fix mod_falang link when menu item is set to specific language
  • fix helix3 Article Extra tab
  • fix virtuemart parameters on language switcher link
  • fix bug on hikashop for menu parameter when you edit it.(thanks to James Wadsworth)

2.2.2 (2016-02-15)

  • Add images and urls tab in article translation.
  • Language switcher on front-end edition are no more possible.
  • Select template by language.
  • Change onAfterInitialise of FalangDatabase driver to be compatible with MightySites extension
  • fix k2 download attachment link error.
  • support of language domain from
  • fix notice in checkupdate ajax call
  • fix bug on alterante hreflang non sef url
  • advanced dropdown with image and name white-space :no-wrap


  • Joomla > 3.4.0 version only
  • mod_falang : dropdown with image
  • fix k2 category item url translation.
  • fix quickjump default view (language button not displaid)
  • ix hikashop url translation in mod_falang and hreflang
  • fix content category url translation
  • fix language file duplicate
  • fix canonical
  • remove notice on plugins/system/falangdriver/falang_database.php


  • fix hreflang
  • fix category blog sef problem
  • widgetkit support for module translation.
  • mod_falang support component association.
  • fix quickjump position near status,title (joomla 3 only)
  • yeeditor support for copy
  • falang missing plugin updated (you can set a langugage string to be translated by override)
  • add pre and post falang module text translation
  • fix editor button in falang view
  • fix tipo error in language file.
  • fix falang content search (version 1.2)
  • quickjump enhancement (support more table for a component)
  • remove weblinks content element for joomla > 3.4.3
  • add tags content element (joomla 3)


  • Joomla 3.4.3 => fix language switching in non sef mode.
  • Joomla 3.4.3 => fix language login redirection problem (specific case)
  • Add Limit on translation list Joomla 3
  • Remove update server
  • Add quickjump edit on list. Joomla 3.4 only
  • Fix problem on uninstall only Falang component and not all package.
  • Change quickjump format
  • fix bug on html entities edition
  • add arkeditor support for copy button
  • add ckeditor support for copy button
  • fix clipboard not supported alert.
  • change hreflang for x-default and href for non sef url
  • administrator language file change
  • preview button add icon
  • fix preview
  • fix languague string in administrator file (administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.com_falang.ini)
  • remove ROOT category from list of category


  • quickjump translation
  • utf-8 support 
  • add params tanslation on categories 
  • add submenu translate
  • add notes to menu.xml content element (version 1.1)
  • add alternate metatag (
  • JFDefaultMenusModelItem -> fix getItem warning (php 5.5)
  • ContentElementTablefield fix warning message (php 5.5)
  • JFConentModelItem -> fix warning (php 5.5)
  • module published to all page on installation
  • plugin published during installation
  • components/com_falang/helpers/falang.class.php contentElementFields method is static use for missing translation error message.
  • administrator\components\com_falang\models\* and components\com_falang\helpers\defines.php Remove php closing tag


  • fix joomla 3.4.0 menu


  • fix joomla 3.4.0 menu


  • fix 5.4 php warning message on publish item in the list
  • fix front-end bug
  • add frontedit param's in content element file


  • fix front-end message on successfull save.

1.4.3(not released)

  • fix order number problem in hikashop and front-end edition.
  • set different message for free and paid version for front-end edition.


  • fix joomla 3.3.4 problem
  • fix hikashop and front-end edition system.
  • front-end translation set to no by default (paid version)


  • add frontend edition (paid version)
  • mod_falang set in dropdown post w3c rules
  • add ID of joomla item in the translate view
  • fix bug in mod_falang when no menu is active
  • mod_falang language file fix for encoding and comment
  • mod_falang fix for menu association
  • fix strict standard display in cpanel.php (controller)
  • fix strict standard display in help.php (controller)
  • fix strict standard on orphan_list.php
  • fix strict standard on views/default/view.php
  • fix strict standard on views/help/view.php
  • fix strict standard on views/translate/tmpl/edit.php
  • remove params "overwriteGlobalConfig" not used 1.4.0
  • add joomla 3.3 compatibility
  • add custom path and file type for flag in Falang language switcher + fix integration between native multilanguage and falang mix
  • fix mijosef compatiblity
  • fix acesef compatiblity
  • add debug params to display translated item.
  • compatible with php 5.4 (remove strict message)
  • add flag (srp-ME) + fix quote in title (text) translation
  • k2 extra field field translation (paid version)
  • add rtl support in language switcher module


  • change 'content' is now 'article' in backend in the dropdown
  • add more flags for module falang (same as Joomla 3.2)
  • add copy button for menu link type (use to change menu type)
  • default language (set this on falang and not in joomla > basic)
  • fix translation typo error on backend + cpanel message change
  • add downloadid system to allow direct update from joomla
  • fix bug on translation on some module with validation. (ex ja_slideshow)
  • add previous unused method for mijosef compatibily.
  • k2 extra field (for commercial version)
  • k2 update - content element (for extra field translation)
  • remove root menu in the menu translation view


  • fix to work on joomla 3.1.4 (
  • add params to content(article)
  • with auto for readonly inputbox (joomla 3.x)


  • add url translation
  • add new image type in content element definition
  • add medadesc translation to categories content elemnet
  • add medadesc translation to contact_details content elemnet
  • remove notice for static call
  • remove JFalangDatabase::getInstance Method (no more use)
  • add class on loadObjectList of (Daniel Lorenzo)
  • remove copy button from readonlytext
  • fix bug on save translation content empty 1.2.0
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.0
  • fix bug in category filter details
  • fix compatibily with mysql 5.5 (engine) 1.1.7 (2012/10/24)
  • add contact details management in translation with category filter.
  • add weblinks management in translation
  • add last version in cpanel
  • add support for update notification.
  • copyright message only for html
  • fix render of module params to work with javascript 1.1.6 (2012/06/26)
  • Joomla 2.2.6 and 2.2.5 compatibility
  • plugin add text to .ini file
  • com_falang add method $this->escape in TranslationFilter 1.1.5 (2012/06/18)
  • Joomla 2.2.5 compatibility
  • modf_falang bug fix on url like (index.php/component/content/article?id=39)


  • add image languages in module
  • change backlink to faboba (JED Terms of Service)
  • remove license key system (JED Terms of Service)

1.1.3 (2012/04/27)

  • fix a notice in mod_falang


  • fix cache problem on mod_falang
  • fix on language switch
  • add translation of module parameter
  • add simple acl + plugin
  • add override method loadColumn
  • free version : link open in a new page
  • cpanel minor change + php 5.3 remove some warning 1.1.1
  • fix problem on overide loadAssocList


  • update key on installation without uninstall
  • compatible joomla 2.5
  • save translation keep on the translation page in backend
  • new icons (Thanks to Andy Bryan from
  • change override driver structure
  • override all fetch method on driver
  • add params menu translation
  • correct problem on content elemnent zip installer
  • remove content element tar installer
  • add new traduction
  • change link on free version (crash ajax)


  • stable release with new numerotation.
  • 3 verstion (free, basic, standard)
  • js load in admin translate page corrected.
  • mod_falang use a specific stylesheet in module and flag (fix inline flag display)
  • mod_falang fix link to current page.
  • fix installation of content element
  • fix plugin import name in mysqlx and mysqix
  • fix missing traduction in content element install


  • add mysql driver compatibility
  • add JCK editor patch 1.7.0b3
  • mysqlix driver bug on install other components(name mysqli)
  • extension menu list without root menu and order list
  • extension category , category filter list corrected