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Translate Essentials for YOOtheme Pro Form

This tutorial will show you how to translate form build with Essentials for YOOtheme Pro WordPress.

Falang for Yootheme lite version must be installed wth the pro version (1.10+)

Falang for WordPress need to be installed and configured with at least 2 languages.

The plugin works with YOOtheme Page Builder version 2.5 and later.

The Essentials for YOOtheme Pro plugin version 1.9.1 is installed for this documenation

1 - Translate the Fields (ex textarea)

The text field like all Yootheme elements need to be translated in the Falang tab

2 - Translate the buttons (ex send)

For the button only the content of the button will be translated


3 - Translate the after submit actions (ex message)

A after submit message need to be done for each language , we put a specific action name to have a better view of the used message.

We need to add an executioin condidtion , the language condition is choosed.