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The following procedure allows you to install the Falang’s plugin which includes:

  • The Falang plugin
  • The Falang widget
Note : If there are 404s in the frontend, it is necessary to save WP > Settings > Permalinks again and clear the browser cache.

Install the plugin

You need first to go on the Plugins > Add new plugin of your Wordpress admin site

install plugin 1

The first steps are to configure your site language. Go to Falang > Languages. You can see the English language is installed by default.

language list 1

The second step is to add the widget , with only one language your site will work like before.

Configure the Widget

On the Widget page Appearance > >Widgets , drag on drop a The Falang Language switcher to the postion you want. In this example the Right Sidebar.

widget 1

Default Settings

Check the default language don't show the slug. This mean your site still use and not The search engine url are still the same.

settings 1

Front-end Display

Browse your site , the site still working only the default language image is displayed. We can now add a language and start the transaltion

site switcher 1

Add Languages

To add a language , in the Falang > Languages list click on the add language button.

language add

The updated language list display the language available for translation. You can change here the default language. With Falang The default language is the main language you write your content

language list 2

Translate a menu item

site menu 1

Open the Falang > Translate menu, and filter the list with the string "download". In the exemple below it's a 4 site language , English (default, German, French and Cambogian). 

  • The German menu item is translated and published (visible in front)
  • The French don't exist and not published
  • The cambogian (khmer) is translated but not published.

translate menu 1

Edit the french tranlation for the "Download" men item, 

don't forget to publish the menu item

menu 1

Check the front-end , you will see the menu item translated.

It's work because the menu item is a custom type, for other type the translation must be done in the page.

site menu 2