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Translate for YOOtheme Builder Installation

This tutorial will show you how to install Translate for YOOtheme Page Builder on Joomla 3.9.X

The plugin works with YOOtheme Page Builder version 2.4 and later.

1 - Install the plugin

Installation Translate for sppagebuilder

2 - Publish the plugin

In order to start the translation of YOOtheme content you have to publish the plugin, go to your Joomla admin panel. Open Extensions -> Plugin Manager and enable the Translate YOOtheme Builder plugin.

3 - Information

Multiple methods to translate text in your Joomla website are possible:
  • core Joomla translation
  • translation via the Falang extension
  • translation via the Translation for YOOtheme Pro plugin (TYTP)
Some conflicts may arise and may need caution when translating content.
To better understand when which translation system is used herewith some explanation.
When a language for an article is not set to ALL
  • the Joomla multi-language core is used and overrides any Falang or TYTP language translation.
  • Falang translation is not possible (Falang icons are missing)
  • Opening an article with YOOTHEME BUILDER 
    • opens the builder screen in the articles language
    • translation of the Builder elements can be done via the Falang button in the TYTP windows
    • the Builder window will give error when switching to another language in edit mode
    • CAUTION: when the article has Falang translation published before setting the language to NOT ALL, the Builder window will open with the Falang translated text and proposes to create a New Layout. Don’t do this as it will overwrite the existing translated content!
When a language is set to ALL and a Falang language is published:
  • opening the Builder window for that published language will propose to create a new layout. Don’t do this as it will overwrite the existing translated content!
Rule of thumb:
  • Set language to ALL if you want to translate with Falang and/or TYTP
  • Don’t publish content in Falang when using the YOOtheme Builder Editor