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Falang simplifies the management of multilingual sites - it is much easier to use than the default Joomla! system.  The system allows you to translate all aspects of your site in a dedicated component, element after element, language after language.

If you are experiencing problems, please first check the FAQ page for solutions to common problems.

At present, this component is available in three versions with a large number of extensions k2, aiContactSafe, Redshop, hikashop...


content element en

Most component supported

Falang is extensible by content element like k2, aiContactSafe, Redshop, hikashop... . Le list of content element is visible here

direct translation home en

Translation from Joomla item

Falang from 2.0 allows to translate directly from all native Joomla component to the translation

Falang is based on the last stable version of Joomfish 2.1.7 and adapted to Joomla 3.4 and 2.5.