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Translation of extra fields K2

Note 1: This article applies only to versions that the paid version of Falang

Translation k2 extra fields need to install two components:

  • The Content Element for k2 version 2.5 available here: k2 content element for Falang
  • The specific plugin for extra fields k2 : est accessible dans votre espace de téléchargement.

The installation of the Content element for k2, moved by the following menu:

Falang > Content Element > Install (top right)

The installation of the plugin is installed like any joomla plugin:

Extension > Extension Manager > Upload & install

When you install the plugin do not forget to publish it.


The menu is installed so you can bring the additional fields, two cases are possible translation in extrafiels k2 K2 or the item directly.

Additional fields dropdown type multiple select list, radio button are translated into Falang happy with the element "k2 extra fields".

Below is an example of an element or each dropdown value can be translated.


The other type of additional fields in the result directemenet k2 item with this plugin again field are present in the "Extra Fields" section. Those that can be translated are the textfield type textarea, url. The other fields are present to be copied in the k2 element but are not editable.


Note 2: When you change the value of a non-editable field for example the value of a combobox on a K2 item, it is not postpone the falang translation.
Note 3: This plugin work for the Multiple Extra fields groups for k2