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Translation of menus and items (Joomla 3)

Note: If you are using Joomla v2.5 read the article "translation of menus and items for joomla 2.5".

To enter translations, go to the Component > Falang > Translation menu.

Translation of a menu

In this example I'll translate the menu "Our Event" menu in French. The orginale version is in English, the language by default.


Warning: In order that a translation be visible to Falang, its Language must be marked as "All" in joomla, otherwise it is visible only in the specified language. Similarly for an article, modules ....

For the translation of this item, go to the Components > Falang > Translation menu.

Select the language you want to translate to in the Languages dropdown, the Menus option in Content elements and add "our event" in the keyword filter to quickly find the elements to be translated.


To enter edit mode, click the title.


Enter different information without forgetting to publish.

Note: To publish a translation, at least the Title field must be entered.

Translation for an article

The translation for an article is the same as the translation of a menu. So go to Extensions > Falang > Translation

In this example we apply a filter by name "About us" to find the item faster.


Then we translate the article page and publish it.


Since version 1.4.1 of Falang the original item ID is displayed in order to more easily identify the item to be translated if the multiple items with the same title exist (see image below)