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1.5 (2021/06/23)

  • add youtube player (Joomla Pro)
  • add flipcard (Forrestkirby - Herzog Dupont)
  • add install scriptfile

1.4 (2021/06/15)

  • add teaser card support (Flart Studio)

1.3 (2021/04/22)

  • add cloudfood cf-counter support
  • add morejoomla form support (need version 2.3.21+)
  • add yooessential markdonw
  • add html element
  • fix countdown

1.2 (2021/04/02)

  • add link_text to accordion
  • add link_text to gallery
  • add link_text to grid
  • add link_text to map
  • add link_text to slideshow
  • add link_text to switcher
  • add link_text to table

1.1 (2021/03/22)

  • display all content language even unpublished for translation.
  • add tags to grid element item
  • add readmore to popover
  • clean code

1.0 (2021/03/16)

  • Initial Release

The lastest Falang for YOOtheme pro version is : 1.5 launched the 2021/06/23.

The lastest Falang for YOOtheme lite version is : 1.0 launched the 2021/03/15.

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  • Update
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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my membership expires?

You can continue using our extensions but you will not be able to download new releases or old release.

How to upgrade from free to paid version?

Just install the paid version over the free. You keep all your translations and parameters.

Open Source

It is 100% open-source, licensed under GNU/GPL. No part of the code is encrypted.You can use our product forever

What is your refund policy?

We are so confident in our work that every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. To request a refund please contact us.