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The lastest Falang Pro for version is : 1.0 launched the 11 April 2022.

The lastest Falang Free for wordpress version is : 1.3.26 launched the 06 April 2022.

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    Translate posts, pages and custom types
  • Strings Translation

  • Options translation

  • Yandex support

  • WooCommerce support

  • Translate widget

  • Remove Falang free notices

  • Text filtering

    {lang locale} replacement

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when my membership expires?

You can continue using our extensions but you will not be able to download new releases or old release.

How to upgrade from free to paid version?

Just install the paid version over the free. You keep all your translations and parameters.

Open Source

It is 100% open-source, licensed under GNU/GPL. No part of the code is encrypted.You can use our product forever

What is your refund policy?

We are so confident in our work that every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. To request a refund please contact us.

Falang for wordpress simplifies the management of multilingual sites - it is much easier than other multilanguage system. The system allows you to translate all aspects of your site in a dedicated component, element after element, language after language.

If you are experiencing problems, please first check the FAQ page for solutions to common problems.

At present, this component is available in free versions without support and paid version with support.

1.3.28 (27/06/2022)

  • WC: add product title translation when $product->get_title() is used
  • fix string translation containing >
  • fix esc_textarea missing (backend)
  • fix License tab name

1.3.27 (31/05/2022)

  • WordPress 6.0 compatible
  • change flatsome detection for extra filter
  • fix wc category description (regression due to flatsome support)
  • add filter for translate_post_content (readmore fix)
  • fix for Yoast
  • add filter falang_translate_post_content (use for readmore)
  • remove permastruct for wpbingo footer
  • add a message with the auto dectect language

1.3.26 (06/04/2022)

  • fix uninstall bug when data removed
  • add Flatsome support (portfolio link with category fix)
  • add Flatsome quickview support (new $ajax_action_list for falang public call)
  • fix bug translate meta (modern event calendar support)
  • add filter falang_get_translated_url (user demand)
  • add positioning for falangsw (falang switcher shortcode)
  • fix woocommerce translation (flatsome ajax query)
  • add filter falang_translate_custom_post_link (flatsome support)

1.3.25 (08/03/2022)

  • fix bug on cart-checkout link.
  • fix admin message display
  • fix notice on translate post type archive link

1.3.24 (21/02/2022)

  • fix admin notices
  • add associaton system
  • add support for language switcher association on page
  • fix wc ajax (cart-checkout link on front-end)
  • add filter for translate_nav_menu_item (use for yootheme / display title without the_filter title for custom menu item)
  • improve support of RankMath for sitemap. (url filtering/url translation)
  • add update pro notice
  • add licence tab in settings
  • load jquery tiptip only on falang settings page
  • fix bug on falang options saving

1.3.23 (26/01/2022)

  • new admin notice system
  • WordPress 5.9 compatible
  • update lingvanex language code
  • Fix translation page (hide title, slug, content, excerpt when not enabled for translation)
  • fix cpt rule generation notice

1.3.22 (03/01/2022)

  • fix notice on dropdown language list
  • add falangsw shortcode to add language switcher by shortcode
  • display_names option rename to display_name (both exist)
  • fix meta translation bug
  • change Taxonomy constructor signature
  • php8 compatible


  • fix attachment translation filter
  • improve translation post page
  • improve translation menu page

1.3.16 (23/07/2021)

  • fix WordPress 5.8 widget page error
  • add custom notices for other Falang product

1.3.15 (21/07/2021)

  • support WordPress 5.8
  • fix product not translated in WooCommerce cart
  • fix product not translated in WooCommerce thankyou page
  • Falang post/menu to display only items with status published/pending/draft/future/private
  • add support for YOOtheme template translation
  • fix yoast notice front $data['@type'] is no more an array

1.3.14 (15/06/2021)

  • fix bug with Divi due to wpml-config string loading.
  • fix paged page rules

1.3.13 (08/06/2021)

  • fix auto detect language (needs to have show slug for main language)
  • change string translation system
  • fix clean string
  • remove falang options on uninstall (falang_wpml_strings,falang_dismissed_notices)
  • fix url with double language prefix (ex widget sorting from savoy theme) thanks jurij_c

1.3.12 (08/05/2021)

  • support wc shop base with category
  • improve string translation search and navigation
  • allow special characters in cpt url
  • fix height for options/string thickbox
  • change French translation

1.3.11 (22/04/2021)

  • fix menu translation
  • change translate the_title signature for filter not passing the id
  • string translation popup can be resized.
  • fix bug for widget with empty title string

1.3.10 (06/04/2021)

  • improve menu page list
  • fix comment redirection
  • store locale of the comment in comment meta table (for future use)
  • language switcher redirect to home When a post/page is restricted to one language
  • fix ajax delete item (menu/term/post/options)
  • fix edit menu (custom menu saving)
  • improve string translation cache performance (thanks jurij_c)

1.3.9 (23/03/2021)

  • improve options translation page
  • add ordering system on Languages
  • fix Ukrainian language code
  • add Swahili language

1.3.8 (16/02/2021)

  • Add attachment translation directly in media popup
  • Add search on translated language
  • Add Rank math suport
  • Add Yoast Seo Filter (for new Yoast vesrion 1.5)
  • fix woocommerce save settings making 404
  • change the_content priority from 9 to 8 for display work type plugin working

1.3.7 (20/01/2021)

  • add hreflang support
  • fix term link translation (fix category language switcher)
  • fix bug on firefox on save option
  • fix published on categorie/tag translation pages

1.3.6 (04/01/2021)

  • add image caption translation
  • support WordPress 5.6
  • add widget page filtering for page set with a specific language
  • add Mexican language for all translation service
  • add French Canadian for Azure service
  • change yandex to the new cloud service (curl method/ajax don't work)
  • change deprecated js function.
  • fix language code for bing translate service
  • add support for Multi-column Tag Map (fix the_title filter)
  • fix bug when en_US removed with en_GB added (no more possible to activate)

1.3.5 (02/12/2020)

  • add bing translation sysem
  • add lingvanex translation system
  • fix p tag in classic editor on falang page
  • fix rewrite rules for Post page (page_for_posts)
  • change alt on image flags display only name

1.3.4 (02/11/2020)

  • change published/unpublished toggle
  • add user profile Biographical Info translation (for authorboxes)
  • fix HTML attributes in title and meta input display
  • fix HTML closing tag in WooCommerce attributes translation
  • fix parent construct in Admin filter

1.3.3 (07/10/2020)

  • fixed language restricted visibility in blog overview
  • fix wpautop to not add p and br tags in editor text view
  • fix post translation page filter values during navigation and editing
  • language page set locale to readonly
  • fix woocommerce variation displayed even when not published
  • empty translation fields or meta are not saved anymore (key removed when empty strlen > 0)
  • fix get_meta when post/term unpublished
  • fix display error message on language add/update
  • add [save & close] to post translation page, [save] doesn't close the page
  • fix elemetor preview when default slug is in url.
  • fix has_archive notice
  • fix redirect when page/post not published

1.3.2 (02/09/2020)

  • Add WPML-config support
  • Fix language switcher in all menu positions (Enfold)
  • Fix post excerpts translation (Enfold)
  • Fix translation menu entries (Enfold)
  • Fix translation post titles (Enfold)
  • Fix heading titles in browser tabs
  • Fix cookie notice translation (GDPR Cookie Consent)
  • Change WooCommerce filter in a Filter class
  • Fix WooCommerce product variation description translation
  • Fix Falang Settings tabs (WordPress 5.5 / PHP 7.4)
  • Fix String translation
  • Fix French translation
  • Fix permalinks on deactivation

1.3.1 (30/07/2020)

  • add language switcher in menu
  • add filter for enfold excerpt (post grid)
  • add shortcode falang (lang="en_US")
  • fix head title tag translation
  • fix attribute for woocommerce
  • fix pot falang file
  • language corrections & Capitalization (thanks Rob de Cleen)
  • fix home url for different home page by languages
  • add help page

1.3.0 (29/06/2020)

  • add display category and tag translation in wp admin
  • nav_menu_item is set translatable by default on install
  • post_tag is set translatable by default on install
  • woocommerce reformat attribute page translation
  • woocommerce display atribute translation in table
  • atachement is translatable
  • change term translation page display
  • change menu translation page display
  • change posts/.... translation page display
  • taxonomy can be saved even if not enabled in settings
  • fix bug on woocommerce endpoint translation
  • fix warning message on save settings

1.2.3 (05/06/2020)

  • add display category and tag translation in wp admin
  • nav_menu_item is set translatable by default on install
  • post_tag is set translatable by default on install
  • woocommerce reformat attribute page translation
  • woocommerce display atribute translation in table
  • atachement is translatable
  • change term translation page display
  • change menu translation page display
  • change posts/.... translation page display
  • taxonomy can be saved even if not enabled in settings
  • fix bug on woocommerce endpoint translation
  • fix warning message on save settings

1.2.3 (05/06/2020)

  • fix short description display
  • fix preview url in post/product
  • fix excerpt translation problem
  • add debug display for post
  • fix language list target on post page

1.2.2 (02/06/2020)

  • add woocommerce short description support
  • post_excerpt translation changed to textarea

1.2.1 (01/06/2020)

  • add Divi support.
  • add woocommerce attributes support
  • fix post_name save now sanitized
  • fix rewrite_rules problem
  • fix update settings warning

1.2 (12/05/2020)

  • add print_language_switch action (display switcher by code in template)
  • add language image on post translation page
  • change source and target position
  • add hide source on post translation page
  • add filter by language in widget
  • add first activation notice
  • modify display in translation page

1.1 (28/04/2020)

  • add wpml compatiblity for string translation
  • add filter by string context
  • add string group filtering
  • add display string translated and not not translated
  • fix publish on post
  • fix option slash save
  • fix string delete

1.0.7 (17/04/2020)

  • improve options translation speed and memory
  • fix 404 when show_slug is on
  • fix post notice translation.
  • add page_on_front to option translation

1.0.6 (30/03/2020)

  • add ID column to the post,term,menu translation page
  • fix display problem on post/page/woocommerce product page.....
  • fix bug on page to display published status
  • fix display for block content loose paragraph marker
  • fix display on text input view in wp_editor


  • add post type filter in post translation page.


  • fix frontend warning and notice
  • fix backend translate menu display
  • fix backend translate title display
  • fix backend previous value for custom menu translation


  • fix warning on settings page
  • fix Walker Dropdown walk message argument
  • fix button display on post translation page
  • compatible with Wordpress 5.3
  • fix notice on term list translation page


  • Add Falang icon
  • Remove edit/delete row action for post with specific language
  • widget echo missing on title


  • change Author to entreprise name


  • Refactor add language page
  • use select2 to show flags in the list
  • Add confirmation message on language delete.


  • Fix bug when show slug for main language slug was set to false
  • Fix save settings translate option


  • Fix post meta translation
  • Add term filter on term translation page
  • Add display translation on term translation page
  • Add translation status on term translation page
  • Add menu filter on menu translation page
  • Add display translation on menu translation page
  • Add translation status on menu translation page


  • Fix yandex translation call for non english default language
  • Fix iso code
  • Add language flag on Header table
  • Fix posts page default language
  • Fix pages page default language
  • Add filter by post_title in posts translation page
  • Add published display in posts translation page
  • Add translation or native title display in posts translation page


  • Initial release