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Change log for ultimate user

1.8.11 (2020/03/19)

  • redirect to menu item for all configurations(login,logout,...)
  • add new date format for date field
  • fix export separate value with enclosed quote
  • fix JAXResponse interaction with Jomsocial (change class name)

1.8.10 (2019/04/01)

  • add order support on users list

1.8.9 (2019/03/21)

  • fix recapcha javascript error
  • field country order alaphabetical
  • fix typo error in mail username and not siteurl
  • fix warning on cpanel statistic
  • remove non used language key

1.8.8 (2018/11/29)

  • Joomla 3.9 compatible
  • fix php 7+ bug.
  • add captcha field by default (not published)
  • add sql field
  • fix capcha bug
  • fix bug with validate (jquery backend)

1.8.7 (2018/06/15)

  • fix slow mail rendering
  • Store ip parameter new param's to don't store ip
  • Fix captcha for community version
  • add update caching
  • remove older Joomal 2.5 template file

1.8.6 (2018/05/15)

  • add plugin for acymailing integration
  • use bootstrap template
  • add cache for update check
  • allow captcha for free version.
  • udate jquery form validator to 2.3.77
  • add validator language support.(translate javascript error message)
  • add php 7.1 support
  • remove 2.5 compatiblity

1.8.5 (2017/10/17)

  • fix bug with required for select field.
  • load language for backend error display on field validation.

1.8.4 (2017/07/06)

  • add ordering for select extra fields

1.8.3 (2017/03/01)

  • fix bug if date is not mandatory
  • fix bug when captcha field is present but unpublish

1.8.2 (2017/01/27)

  • fix bug in date format validation

1.8.1 (2016/12/15)

  • add dateformat validation dd-mm-yyyy

1.8.0 (2016/12/06)

  • Add update server
  • Add return on same page after login

1.7.1 (2016/10/04)

  • fix php 7 problem on parameters, editing backend extra field was not possible(components/com_uu/libraries/parameter.php)

1.7.0 (2017/09/20)

  • Add Recaptcha 2 support
  • add class on group field

1.6.0 (2016/06/29)

  • Change validation system with the open source project formvalidator 2.3.23 (
  • Add date field
  • remove jquery 1.8.1 and jooms call
  • Remove ajax captcha validation before validate (will be back soon)
  • Add users groups to export
  • Add save&close buton on configuration page
  • Remove jquery 1.8 load from field/view.html.php
  • Fix checkbox required in backend
  • Fix Saint Vincent and the Grenadines code missing in country
  • Fix Trinidad and Tobago code missing in country
  • Fix export

1.5.2 (2016/01/18)

  • remove custom legend from piechart.
  • fix community fied password and email.
  • JED compliance for community version
  • fix bug when changing password on ultimate user.
  • remove required for checkbox in backend (bug not yet solved. need to change validation system)
  • add backend translation for new field county

1.5.1 (2015/11/26)

  • add country field
  • fix registration confirmation bug
  • tooltips on registration form fix and change design right of the field
  • add define DS

1.5.0 (2015/11/10)

  • add cpanel with statitics
  • compatible with Joomla > 3.4.0

1.4.2 (29/06/2015)

  • fix bug on edit profile if no extra field exist.
  • registration fix error message display twice on registration save error. (add configuration key)
  • add administator activation mail
  • remove update server.

1.4.1 (17/02/2015)

  • remove captcha field on front edit profile page
  • add strict standard message on captcha field
  • add radio button field type.
  • remove captcha field on admin edition page

1.4.0 (12/12/2014)

  • fix bug in checkbox required
  • fix strict standard administrator\components\com_uu\models\user.php
  • fix deprecated usertype in administrator\components\com_uu\models\user.php
  • fix Strict standard administrator\components\com_uu\models\field.php


  • add captcha field (recaptcha system)
  • remove notice message on cpanel php 5.5
  • add configuration redirection on sucessfull registration
  • fix bug on custom article save (remove the second time)


  • fix bug on joomla 3.2 version (helper)
  • fix bug with filed with space and special caractere
  • fix default group registration
  • fix display problem on configuration/general page
  • add administrator notification mail
  • remove params unecessary


  • compatible with joomla 3
  • fix display on backend on configuration page
  • fix bug on mod_login in popup
  • fix bug on reset password on edit form.


  • bo :fix bug on search on name,email,username
  • fo :fix bug on load com_users language translation


  • fo-bo :add checkbox field (required not working yet)
  • fo: fix bug on ie8
  • bo: fix configuration display problem

1.0.1 Beta3 (2013-03-18)

  • bugfix : validate fields email
  • add index.html and info due to the jed rules

1.0.1 (2013-02-22)

  • add plugin User-ultimateuser
  • bugfix Fo display groups user
  • index.html missing in plugin uuredirect


The last Ultimate User version : 1.8.11 (2020/03/20). 

Note: Since the 1.5.0 you can download for free ultimate user. The only limitations are No Support and 1 Text field extra type

*(+20% tax for EU customers)

What happens when my membership expires?

You can continue using our extensions but you will not be able to download new releases or old release.

How to upgrade from free to paid version?

Just install the paid version over the free,The backlink will disaper. You keep all your translations and parameters.

Open Source

It is 100% open-source, licensed under GNU/GPL. No part of the code is encrypted.You can use our product forever

What is your refund policy?

We are so confident in our work that every purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. To request a refund please contact us.

Ultimate User

joomla 39

The lastest Ultimate User version is : 1.8.11 (2020/03/19)

Ultimate User is the best registration component for Joomla. This component use the default joomla user registration parameters and add other. You can try it and unpublish the component all will work in the same way.

New: since 1.5.1 a free version is available but only with an extra field of type text. This version don't have support.

Advantages :

  • One page registration with joomla default fields and custom fields
  • Field ordering between joomla and Ultimate user , no limitation
  • Powerfull custom fields
  • View all mails send during registration process
  • Easy modify registration mail with custom field
  • Configure redirection mail

Features :

  • Unlimited Custom fields
  • Terms and condition
  • Ajax check username
  • Ajax check email
  • Full custom fields ordering
  • Ajax Captcha check

Screenshot :

Cpanel : new in version 1.5.0

Ultimate User panel

You can order all fields like you want beetween the default joomla fields and the added custom fields

uu admin fields view

You can configure the mail send during registration (a message explain you if this mail will be send with your user registration parameters)

uu admin conf mail 2

Show mails send by the system

notification mail

Add extra info to your registration mail

mails parameters

Configure registration redirection in one place.

mails redirection