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A beginner's guide (hikashop)


Amamplace for Amazon integrates your hikahop product with Amazon. You can upload your products from hikashop to Amazon.

Installation and Setup

First you need to download the Amamplace package name :

You have to install this package like all Joomla package Extension > Install

Check the 1 hikashop plugin are published

  • Amamplace Hikashop

9 quick start

Account creation

After you have installed and configured all plugin for hikashop go to the Account page. You have to connect your Amazon account.

Click on the new button

Copy the generated Merchand ID, Marketplace ID, AWS Access Key ID and secret Key and past it in the corresponding field. You have to select your amzon site and acitvate this account.


2 quick start

This page display a configuration with 3 accounts. check you have one account as a default account

1 quick start

List product on Amazon

First you have to associate your hikashop product with the Amazon product, for this go on the hiakshop product page and click on the search icon.

3 quick start

Amamplace will search on the Amazon Marketplace the right product, by default the product is search by name , you can change this in Amamplace settings.

A popup will be display with the found item , you can select one or view the result.

4 quick start

This product will be associated with Amazon product and display in the listing view in Amamplace. The price and stock are from your hikashop.

5 quick start


Submitting product on Amazon

Before submitting the product , it's possible to get the lastest price from Amazon

.6 quick start

It's possible to submit (create a feed for 1 product or you can send several product on Amazon)

7 quick start

The feed page display the processed feed and the waiting feed. Without cron system configured you have to manually push and check status.

8 quick start

Cron system

Since Amamplace 1.0.5 the feed are created and submitted automatically to Amazon , price and stock are synchronize with Amazon.

This version support external cron system , you have to set it like this

The time beetween 2 calls depends of the activities of your site. This can be 10 minutes or 1 hour or more.