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Stable 1.0.5

Released on:
jeudi 21 décembre 2017 01:00
1109 times

UPL v1.0.5 (21/12/2017)

  • Remove jquery plugin
  • Change plugin design for option
  • fix images/attachments ordering
  • com_upl: propertylist add mass action design in css files
  • com_upl: fix tinymce bug

UPL v1.0.4 (12/12/2017)

  • Change upload system for images and attachments

UPL v1.0.3 (06/09/2017)

- mod:agent_info fix query parameter injection
- com_upl: fix sql injection
- delete old rpl file from propertyshow
- fix cpanel execute parametrer.
- mod:specialties change use default and no simple as default
- plug:sef change the sef prefix by default to upl
- css:add fontawesome 4.7.0 to the project
- template:remove fontawesome from template
- front: fix tag display on default property listing view

UPL v1.0.2 (19/06/2017) change log ()

- add missing io_error.php in lib
- fix bug php 7.1 in global.php return_in_id_array
- fix export xml

UPL v1.0.1 change log (06/06/2017)
- display property on specific menu item for module carousel(googlemap)
- fix bug on main Joomla menu disapear on configuration tab
- update minicolor plugin on the last version
- fix log manager tabs
- fix rank addon tabs
- fix load of jquery ui (rank manager)
- fix addCustomTag on mod_upl_direction(error)
- fix problem on log table (name of table replaced)
- fix load of jQuery Tabs
- Fix image name of propertywizard
- Fix Simple Uploader Error

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