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Stable 3.0.1

Released on:
Thursday, 11 October 2018 02:00
3066 times

Falang simplifies managing multi-language sites - it is far more easier to use than the core language system used in joomla v3.8

Falang allows translating your site in one component , itm after item , language after language

3.0.1 (2018/10/11)

  • fix route building (jdownload and other compoent)
  • fix bug when article not translated with falang
  • fix update bug on module parameter's.
  • better support for small screen (1024)
  • fix bug for spanish bing translation (wrong iso code)
  • fix bug for Czech Yandex and Bing translation.
  • fix bug on orphan with php 7.2

Falang Free (3.0.1)

2409 times
File size:
268.67 Kb
Joomla 3.8

This is the installation/update package for the Falang free edition of our software. Download and install it like any other Joomla! package.