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2 Basic Setup

After the installation of UPL, in order to show its features on the frontend, some congurations must be done including:

  • Creating menus
  • Activating UPL modules that are installed along with UPL
  • Installation of the related Locality Package
  • Uploading your company logo

2.1 Creating UPL Menu

There are two ways to create a menu :

Creating Menu from UPL back-end:

1- Select Ultimate Property Listing from the components top menu, in the backend of the Joomla control panel.

basic 1 min

2- Select Setting & Tools tab from UPL admin interface.

basic 2 min

3- In the Menu Creation section of the Settings & Tools tab, select the menu that you want to add UPL Menu (Main Menu, Top Menu, Side Menu, etc). This is different from template to template, so first try to identify each menu on your template.

After selecting the menu location, click on Add Menu Items. This will automatically add UPL menus within the selected menu.

Creating Menu from Joomla Menu Manager

Alternatively to the above method, you can also add UPL menus through Joomla itself.

1- Click on Menu Manger from Menus (Joomla backend)

2- Click on New to Add a Menu OR Menu Items and and set the menu type. Please note that you need to select the menu that you want to publish UPL menus on. Whether it is the Main Menu, Top Menu, etc.

basic 3 min basic 4 min

2.2 Activating UPL Modules

UPL Core comes with many dierent modules.

1- Some of these modules will be installed and activated automatically along with UPL Core package.

2- Some of the modules will be installed but need to be activated individually. The module activation includes assigning the module to a 'module position', activating it and then configure it if necessary.

3- Some of the modules need to be installed separately and then go through activation process.

Note: Please note that each template has its own set of 'module positions'. So a module will look dierent on dierent positions of your website.

In order to see the positions of modules on your Joomla website, you can do it through adding /?tp=1 to the end of the url of your website:

If adding /?tp=1 is not working, you need to login to the Joomla backend, go to Extensions Menu and select Template Manager. Then select (check) your default site template without clicking on it. On top there is one button called 'Options'. Click on that and enable the 'Preview Module Positions'.

1- To activate a module, click on Module Manager from Extensions Menu.

2- Click on New and then select the module type. All UPL module names start with UPL.

basic 5 min

3- After selecting the module type, you need to assigne it to a suitable module position on your website. Sometimes you need to redo this step and assign the module to different positions until you find the most proper position.

4- The next step is configuring the modules (if necessary). We will cover this in later chapters of the documentation.

The following modules will be installed, activated and assigned to positions automatically at the time of Ultimate Property Listing installation.

Title Position Type
Property Listig Agent Info UPL_Plisting_top_agent mod_upl_agent_info
Attachments UPL_Pshow_left mod_upl_attachments
Property Compare left mod_upl_compare
Property Listing Direction UPL_Plisting_links mod_upl_direction
Property Show gallery UPL_Pshow_gall mod_upl_gallery
Property Show GoogleMap UPL_Pshow_map mod_upl_googlemap
Property Show links UPL_Pshow_left mod_upl_links
Property Listing pictures UPL_Plisting_images mod_upl_listing_pic
Listing View -- mod_upl_listing_view
Location Listing -- mod_upl_location_listing
Notifications settings UPL_profilewiz_left mod_upl_notification_settings
Open Dates UPL_Pshow_left mod_upl_opendate
UPL payment balance UPL_profilewiz_left mod_upl_payment_balance
next/prev/edit on propertyshow UPL_Pshow_top mod_upl_pshow_edit
Related complex -- mod_upl_related_complex
Room details UPL_Pshow_left mod_upl_rooms
UPL Advanced Search Module UPL_advanced_search_module mod_upl_search
Search Criteria -- mod_upl_search_criteria
Property Show Property Tags UPL_Pshow_right mod_upl_specialties

The following modules will be installed along with UPL but they need to be activated and congured separately:

  • UPL Carousel Module
  • UPL Currency Module

The following modules are not included in the UPL Standard Package. They need to be installed separately and they need to be activated and configured separately. We cover the installation and configurations of these modules in the Modules chapter of this manual.

  • UPL Energy-tag Module
  • UPL QR Code Module
  • UPL School info
  • UPL Walkscore
  • UPL Google Places
  • UPL Listing Stat Module
  • UPL Video Module
  • UPL CraigList
  • UPL Xmap

2.3 Installing the Locality Package

Real Estate is all about "The Location", therefore one of the important features of any Property Listing application is having a complete location database containing State/Province, County, City, ZIP Codes for each country. Faboba has made the database of a series of countries available for free. For downloading UPL locality packages you should login to Under downloads menu in the UPL addons you should click on "Location" tab and then click on locality le name and download it to your computer.

Note: If you can't nd the database of your country, please refer to the Location Manager section of this manual.

Now you should install the downloaded package through the Joomla extension manager like any other Joomla extensions. However, for some packages you need unzip the package first and then install the extracted zip files.

Here is the list of the packages that need to be unzip prior to the installation:

  • Brazil_33_packages:zip
  • Canada_43_packages:zip
  • England_277_packages:zip
  • France_82_packages:zip
  • India_113_packages:zip
  • Malaysia_149_packages:zip
  • Mexico_159_packages:zip
  • Netherlands_175_packages:zip
  • Philippines_195_packages:zip
  • Portuga198_packages:zip
  • Russia_203_packages:zip
  • Scotland_280_packages:zip
  • Singapore_219_packages:zip
  • Spain_226_packages:zip
  • Turkey_246_packages:zip
  • UnitedStates_254_packages:zip
  • Wales_281_packages:zip